I was born in San Sebastian, Basque Country. I studied Media Communication, Advertising and PR in Madrid, allowing me to learn International Communication Management at Inholland Hogeschool of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam for a year. I was awarded with a scholarship to study Cinema at Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago de Chile.

I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist interested in combining movement with video, art direction and any visual asset to create experimental environments and attractive installations around performing arts.
After University, I retook Contemporary Dance and Modern Techniques professional studies at Danza 180 and different dance studios in Madrid.

I have worked in communication, advertising, marketing and PR, at publishing houses and various agencies. As a freelance filmmaker, dancer and performer, I have participated in both independent and commercial productions.

Currently I am part of the Producciones Chisgarabís team, which produces and creates new shows around the performing arts scene in Spain, specifically in Madrid, and especially embracing projects close to circus.

I combine it with the direction of videodance pieces for dancers who want to explore themselves in front of the camera and create a portfolio.

My last piece as a performer and filmmaker, "La Mosca", was supported by DK Donostia Kultura and CC Ernest Lluch as a collaborative project during lockdown. It has been pre-selected at Lens Dans Videodance Festival, Brussels.

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