I was born in San Sebastian, Basque Country. I studied Media Communication, Advertising and PR in Madrid, allowing me to learn International Communication Management at Inholland Hogeschool of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam for a year. I was awarded with a scholarship to study Cinema at Universidad del Desarrollo in Santiago de Chile.

I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist interested in combining movement with video, art direction and any visual asset which would lead to creating experimental environments and attractive installations around performing arts.
After University, I retook Contemporary Dance and Modern Techniques professional studies at Danza 180 and different dance studios in Madrid.

I have worked in communication, advertising, marketing and PR, at publishing houses and various agencies. As a freelance filmmaker, dancer and performer, I have participated in both independent and commercial productions.

Currently I am part of the Producciones Chisgarabís team, which produce and create new shows around the performing arts scene in Spain, specifically in Madrid, and especially embracing projects close to circus.

I combine it with the direction of videodance pieces for dancers who want to explore themselves in front of the camera and create a portfolio.

My last piece as a performer and filmmaker, "La Mosca", was supported by DK Donostia Kultura and CC Ernest Lluch as a collaborative project during lockdown.

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